10 Awesome X-Wing Fighter Tattoos

10 Awesome X-Wing Fighter Tattoos

With the return of the X-Wing fighter in Ep. 7, these X-wing fighter tattoos give us some inspiration on tattoos when it comes to Star Wars.
X-wing fighter tattoos are awesome pieces for one who collects Star Wars tattoos. Here are 10 different awesome X-wing fighter tattoos:
Photo from www.theartoflondon.com
Awesome detail on this X-wing fighter tattoo.
Cool idea on this X-wing tattoo! Tattoo by @steve_wade_tattoo.
Clean work. Tattoo by Das Frank.
X-Wing fighter tattoo by Rexy Rockwell
Insane detail on this forearm tattoo!
Simple yet solid X-wing fighter tattoo.
Tattoo by Russ Morland
Tattoo by Jeff Wortham
X-wing Fighter with sakuras.
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