10 Badass Bear Trap Tattoos

10 Badass Bear Trap Tattoos

Some tattoos are meant to be badass and intimidating, bear trap tattoos are one of these designs. They're awesome!
Bear traps are an intimidating sight, they're vicious and incredibly dangerous. The jagged metal teeth being enough to put anyone off even thinking of going near one. Of course bear traps are a threat to many animals and a number of people stand in opposition of their use. Thankfully with bear trap tattoos no animals get hurt!!
Bear trap tattoos are a striking design that is totally badass, if you want a tattoo to symbolism your strength and unrelenting personality a bear trap tattoo may be the way to go. Take a look at these 10 bear trap tattoos and get inspired, and once you are be sure to hit up Tattoodo for your own custom bear trap design!
Old School Bear Trap Tattoo by Amanda Cox
Bear Trap Tattoo by Charlie Coppolo
Bear Trap Filler by Daniel Ronson
Traditional Style by Elmer Rodriguez
Solid Hand Tattoo by Daniel Barreto
Bloody Bear Trap Tattoo by Jason Scarr
Bear Trap Tattoo by Josh Stephens
Epic Work by Mr Martin Tattoo
Bear Trap Tattoo by Robert Cresswell
Bear Trap Tattoo by Tony Torvis
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