10 Breathtaking Chestpieces By Dan Pemble

10 Breathtaking Chestpieces By Dan Pemble

Dan Pemble is an amazing tattoo artist, owner of Sacred Tattoo Studio Pemble, and his chestpieces are some of the best out there!
If you follow Dan Pemble or Tattoodo on Instagram you may have seen Pemble's incredible pharaohs horses chestpiece (cover photo), an outstanding tattoo the chestpiece is by far one of the finest you'll ever see! An amazing tattoo artist that creates some great neo-traditional tattoos.. but his chestpieces are the ones that stand out the most!
Dan Pemble Is One Hell Of An Artist!!
Naturally after seeing Pemble's amazing pharaohs horses you'll want to see more work by the great artist, and thankfully we're bringing you some. So sit back and enjoy these breathtaking chestpieces by Dan Pemble!
Compass Tattoo by Dan Pemble
Eagle Horses Tattoo by Dan Pemble
So Epic!!
Owl Tattoo by Dan Pemble
Falcon Tattoo by Dan Pemble
Heart Tattoo by Dan Pemble
Hourglass Eagle Tattoo by Dan Pemble
Brilliant Lion Tattoo by Dan Pemble
Outstanding Pharaohs Horses Tattoo by Dan Pemble
Raven Tattoo by Dan Pemble
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