10 Bright Velociraptor Tattoos

10 Bright Velociraptor Tattoos

Jurassic World has caused a rise in dinosaur tattoos and velociraptor tattoos have been a popular choice!
Velociraptors lived between 71-75 million years ago and all that remains of them are the fossils that have been found. Although thanks to the Jurassic Park movie franchise the velociraptor is one of the most recognized and popular dinosaurs. Velociraptors are portrayed in the movies as intelligent and cunning killers attacking with ferocious violence and deadly force, though in reality this may have not been the case.
Interestingly the velociraptors of Jurassic Park are actually based on another dinosaur, the Deinonychus. Unlike in the movies velociraptors were actually a feathered dinosaur and possibly not as predatory. Yet even with some potential exaggeration and enhancement the velociraptors of Jurassic Park have certainly inspired some awesome velociraptor tattoos and we're bringing you 10 of the brightest right now!!
Velociraptor Tattoo by Alejandro Bastardo
Intense Velociraptor Tattoo by Erin Kenney
Breathtaking Velociraptor Tattoo by Jose Perez Jr
Geometric Velociraptor Tattoo by Junior Jammo
Velociraptor Tattoo by Matthew Kolling
Cool Velociraptor Tattoo by Thomas Arnison
Awesome Velociraptor Tattoo by Thomas Wagstaff
Velociraptor Tattoo by Zack Taylor
Creative Velociraptor Tattoo by Zoe Keevil
unknown artist
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