10 Brilliant Geometric Lion Tattoos

10 Brilliant Geometric Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos are often bold traditional or realistic portrait tattoos but these geometric lion tattoos certainly hold their own!!

Tattoos like lion tattoos are classics for a reason, they've been tattooed for decades and are transferable into almost all styles.

The most popular lion tattoos are usually old school designs, neo-traditional and realistic portraits but there is certainly great value in geometric lion tattoos!

Geometric lion tattoos embody the traditional power and image of a lion tattoo but create it with contemporary style and flair. A perfect choice for anyone looking at modern animal designs geometric lion tattoos are certainly a big cat tattoo to appreciate and admire.
Dotwork Lion Tattoo by Zmierzloki tattoo
Geometric Lion Tattoo by Nouvelle Rita
Geometric Lion Tattoo by Robert Pavez
Geometric Lion Cover Up Tattoo by Tattoo-77
Geometric Lion Tattoo by Diana Katsko
Geometric Lion Tattoo by Emma Thorne
Geometric Lion Tattoo by Iron Ink
Geometric Lion Tattoo by Mark Noel
Geometric Lion Tattoo by Marla Moon
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