10 Celebrity Portrait Tattoos On Other Celebs

10 Celebrity Portrait Tattoos On Other Celebs

Cooler than cool: celebrity portrait tattoos have become hip even among celebrities themselves.
Portrait tattoos have been part of the tattoo culture for a long time. Our favorite celebs are well aware of that and, therefore, have started a trend of celebrity portrait tattoos on other celebs. This is a great way of paying tribute to your beloved stars. Here is a sneak peek to collection of our favorites.
1. Amber Rose - Wiz Khalifa's celebrity portrait tattoo
2. Drake - Aaliyah celebrity portrait tattoo
3. Megan Fox - Marilyn Monroe portrait tattoo
4. Dean McDermott got the portrait tattoo of his wife Tori Spelling - true hubby love
5. Ryan Cabrera tattooed Ryan Gosling on his calf
6. Bizarre - Nicki Minaj celebrity portrait tattoo
7. Yelawolf - Johnny Cash celebrity portrait tattoo on the side of his scalp
8. Marc Jacobs was inspired by his recreational South Park character so he got it tattooed/ Picture credits to: Moviepilot
9. Steve-O got a huge back piece of his own portrait, crazy!
10. Zayne Malik had a tattoo of his ex-girlfried Perrie Edwards' face which he is planning to remove/ Picture credits to: The Sun
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