10 Cool And Classic Smoking Skull Tattoos

10 Cool And Classic Smoking Skull Tattoos

Classic tattoos are always great and these cool smoking skull tattoos are as classic as they come!
Skulls always make for some bold tattoos and they can come in a variety of designs and styles. One of the classic and most popular skull designs is that of the smoking skull. Smoking skull tattoos feature a skull smoking a cigarette and usually wearing some old fashioned hat. A symbol of the working class and humble beginnings a smoking skull tattoos is solid choice for anyone after a timeless skull tattoo!
Take a look at these 10 cool and classic smoking skull tattoos and see how a cigarette can make a skull tattoo that little bit more awesome. Enjoy!
Smoking Skull Tattoo by Andy Chiu
Smoking Skull Tattoo by Charley Gerardin
Van Gogh Inspired Skull Tattoo by Purple Panther Tattoo
Smoking Skull Tattoo by Alex Wild
Smoking Skull Tattoo by Oleg Turyanskiy
Smoking Skull Tattoo by Lee Pound
Smoking Skull Tattoo by Paul Fulton
Smoking Skull Tattoo by Nick Mayes
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