10 Glam Rock David Bowie Tattoos

David Bowie tattoos are paying a tribute to this genius of glam rock music.
The influence of singer and composer David Bowie on music, fashion and art doesn't have to be proven. Fans are attracted by his many looks, songs and glam rock spirit. They get David Bowie tattoos to pay him a tribute and show creative pieces of body art inspired by the musician. What are your favorite David Bowie's songs, characters and looks? Would you get them as tattoos? Find some inspiration with these David Bowie tattoos...
Surrealistic piece by Aaron Riddle.
Black and grey portrait by Alex Rattray.
Incedible realism by Chris Jones.
Creative tribute by Gabbie Vasquez.
Geometric tattoo by Jorge Orona.
Awesome piece by Lippo...
Graphic twist by Manoo Stich.
Art by Marie Kraus.
Cool one by Mariusz Trubisz!
Great portrait by Rich Pineda.