10 Loveable Forrest Gump Tattoos

10 Loveable Forrest Gump Tattoos

If you are a big fan of his acting, then these Forrest Gump tattoos are for you. It is a better way to remember great movies.
Forrest Gump is a book written by author Winston Groom in 1986, though it is the 1994 film of the same name that we all know and love most. Chronicling the life of Forrest Gump, a slow-witted and naive young man, but who is incredibly good-hearted the film sees him witness and in some cases take part in a number of the 20th centuries most significant events while following his growth from boy to man.
Forrest was brought to life by Tom Hanks and it is to date his most recognized performance and one of his most celebrated. He won an Academy Award for his portrayal and gave us one of the finest acting performances of movie history. So what better way to remember this great film than with great Forrest Gump tattoos! Enjoy!!
Forrest Gump by Wesley Lambe
Great Tattoo by Adriana Portillo
Stunning Forrest Gump Tattoo by Den Yakovlev
Forrest Gump Tattoo by Jerry Pipkins
Black and Grey Forrest Gump Tattoo by Jhon Gutti
Awesome Forrest Gump Tattoo by Kosa
Dotwork Forrest Gump Tattoo by Matthew Hitt
Forrest Gump Tattoo by Miguel Bohigues
Forrest Gump Tattoo by Wesley Lambe
unknown artist