10 Magical & Sparkly Rose Quartz Crystal Tattoos

10 Magical & Sparkly Rose Quartz Crystal Tattoos

Attract Love & Happiness with these 10 Magical & Sparkly Rose Quartz Crystal tattoos to adorn your skin better than jewelry for life! :-)
There are a myriad kinds of crystals that the earth produces beneath its crusts that are believed to possess healing powers & other metaphysical properties for those who know how to use them. Just like how the plants & fruits of the earth are beneficial to us, crystals have their special roles for us as well. Today let's tackle the lovely pink Rose quartz crystal.
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The Rose Quartz, famous for its pink, gentle & calming essence, is the stone of the Heart.
Lovely Rose Quartz Crystal Tattoo by Jammerdesignz.com
Rose Quartz is the birth stone of those who were born in the month of January.
Check out this stunning realistic rose quartz diamond tattoo from TattoosBoy.com!
Rose Quartz is believed to be the master healer of emotions. It is calming & reassuring, strengthens empathy, love & sensitivity, which helps us to understand other people.
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In addition, it heals our heartaches, comforts us in our grief & helps us learn to forgive ourselves & others. It also increases our self-worth.
Incredible biomechanical tattoo by Guy Aitchison
Place a Rose Quartz crystal over your heart to stimulate the Heart chakra into opening our hearts to unconditional love.
Beautiful placement of this Rose Quartz Crystal Tattoo by Matt Truiano
It also restores love & trust between you and your partner, and increases sexual drive & fertility.
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On a cosmic level, the crystal, which is bounded by the same particles that bind us all, can be used to open our hearts into the Divine. It helps us realize that we are spiritual beings whose true nature is divine, which enhances our spiritual awareness & deeper understanding of Life & the people around us.
Unknown Artist
Such a beautiful tattoo to place near the heart. <3 Artist Mike Gantelme
Makes for a beautiful & timeless chest piece for women! Lovin' all the pink shades! <3
Got a crystal collection or rose quartz crystal tattoos, yourself? Share it with us & get featured! Have a lovely day, everyone & remember to spread the LOVE!
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