10 Offbeat Cow Tattoos

Sacred or funny, cow tattoos can be quite a blast!
Cow tattoos are often full of humor, inspired by cartoons and pop culture with alien abducted animals... But if they produce the food we love eating, we need to respect those peaceful animals. In some religions like Hinduism, cows are even sacred... And indeed, sacred cow tattoos have gorgeous designs... But you don't have to be Hindu to get cow tattoos. Perhaps vegan or an animal lover, but mostly because you find cow tattoos really endearing with their laid back look...
Fun piece by Zihee.
Colorful piece by Steph Hanlon.
Gorgeous sacred cow by Sergej Rakov.
Fancy piece by Pliszka.
New school by Parry Chotipradit.
Creative design by Mefisto.
Dark cow by Low.
Epic sacred cow by Julian Siebert!
Graphic art by Julian Hets.
By Alex Tabuns.