10 Old School Dragon Head Tattoos That Truly Look Classy

These old school dragon head tattoos look really powerful and beautiful.
The strength that these old school dragon head tattoos bring into the collection are mainly because of their old school solid and bold look. The blacks are real heavy and the colors are sophisticatedly limited. They say you can never go wrong with going old school, especially when it comes to classic imagery. That is true with these old school dragon head tattoos!
Tattoo by Valerie Vargas
Solid crispy lines and vibrant colors on this one.
Funky looking but really has that old school feel going on.
Beautiful job on this really clean tattoo.
Classic color theme on this old school dragon.
Tattoo by Topper, Philadelphia Eddie's
Crispy lines and solid saturation. Beautiful work.
Tattoo by Paul Nycz
Tattoo by Paolo Ferrara
Tattoo by danpowertatttoo
Hope you guys had a good time looking at these old school dragon head tattoos! They are really awesome  designs to pull inspiration from. Remember to check out the Tattoodo blog for more great stuff! PEACE OUT!