10 Playful Wind Up Toy Tattoos

Wind up toy tattoos are bringing us back to childhood games, or hnting to our adulthood ones...
Mechanic toys are now vintage but their easthetic still inspires us. Wind up toy tattoos are not just for grown up kids. They are references to literature, to fantasy, steampunk culture, and even erotica. Wind up birds are especially popular, but you can add some surrealistic mechanic to any design. Which games would you like to play with your wind up toy tattoos???
Poetic wind up bird by Anka Lavriv.
New school wind up dentures by John Montalvo.
Steampunk style wind up toy tattoo by Johno.
Wind up doll inspired by artist Kukula by Liz Cook.
Stunning wind up toy tattoo by Niki Norberg.
Adorable fantasy piece by Robert Witczuk.
Wind up heart by Tim Kern.
Lovely wind up toy tattoo by Travis Brown inspired by Haruki Murakami.
Cool red and blue wind up toy tattoo by Tuula.
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