10 Unusual Lung Tattoos

10 Unusual Lung Tattoos

Hearts are a tattoo classic, but these lung tattoos are an intriguing alternative!!
The lungs are one of the most important organs in the human body, they draw in air so that oxygen so can be passed into the blood and carbon dioxide removed. It is through the lungs that we receive the breath of life. Lung tattoos are a somewhat obscure and intriguing tattoo and will usually have some deeper personal meaning behind them so the reasoning behind a lung tattoo will vary person to person.
A quirky alternative to anatomical heart tattoos lung tattoos make for some curious and unusual body art. Tattooed in a number of different styles lung tattoos can be done almost any way you like. Take a look at these 10 unusual lung tattoos and see why lung tattoos are an intriguing tattoo with subtle beauty.
Blackwork Lung Flower Tattoo by Charley Ferlito
Watercolor Lung Tattoo by Craig St. Peter
Delicate Lung Tattoo by Heather Beebe
Cloud Lung Tattoo by Kane Berry
Detailed Lung Tattoo by Alexander X James
Creative Lung Tattoo by Kelly Violet
Nature Lung Tattoo by Lucky Devil Barrie
Smoking Lung Tattoo by Mike Dewey
Watercolor Lung Tattoo by Samantha Cox
Scenic Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
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