11 Awesome Through The Neck Tattoos!

Through the neck tattoos are one of the most creative tattoo placements you can have, so enjoy these awesome through the neck tattoos!
Through the neck tattoos are exactly as they sound, they are a designs tattooed on the top of your shoulders and appear to go under your skin and through the neck! A creative and inspired tattoo through the neck tattoos are easily one of the best tattoo placements there is and a bold design for anyone looking to take their ink game to the next level!
If you're after your own awesome through the neck tattoo then take a look at these 11 brilliant tattoos and get inspired!!
Through Neck Arrow Tattoo by Josh Stephens
Through Neck Dagger Tattoo by Fabien Le Tatoueur
Through Neck Tattoo by Marc Nava
Through Neck Tattoo by Forever Tattoo
Through Neck Panther Tattoo, artist unknown
Through Neck Snake Tattoo by Robert Aalbers
Through Neck Dagger Tattoo by Richie Clarke
Through Neck Swordfish Tattoo by Matt Adamson
Through Neck Knives Tattoo by Dolorosa Tattoo Company
Through Neck Tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Through Neck Dagger Tattoo by Rock of Age