11 Excellent Diving Girl Tattoos

11 Excellent Diving Girl Tattoos

Wanting a quirky old school tattoo? How about some classic diving girl tattoos!
Diving girl tattoos are a traditional design that is coming back in popularity. A brilliant tattoo for an old school sleeve a diving girl tattoo has a great ability of being an awesome filler for awkward long, thin gaps. Exactly as they sound diving girl tattoos feature a woman performing a dive, arms stretched froward and legs stretched out above her.
Diving girl tattoos can be as simple and traditional as you like or a little more creative, either way it's a solid tattoo choice for anyone looking at quirky old school tattoos that can easily stand the test of time!
Solid Tattoo by Alice Giavazzi
Diving Girl Tattoo by Ben Davies
Great Tattoo by Eric Hesseltine
Diving Girl Tattoo by Gerson Sá
Brilliant Tattoo by Jason Holley
Diving Girl Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Diving Girl Tattoo by Tattoo Paulski
Awesome Diving Girl by tattoosbywalo
Cool Tattoo by Tina Marabito
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