11 Perfectly Placed Knee Peony Tattoos

Peonies make beautiful tattoos on any area of the body, especially on the knee!
In 10 Gorgeous Black and Grey Peony Tattoos we explored the flowering plant of the peony, its characteristics, and what makes it beautiful and bold imagery for potential tattoos.

These large flowers are eye-catching placed anywhere on the human body, but with their large multiple leaves and intricate details, they make for perfect knee tattoos (like most flowers).

Commonly a very painful area of the body to get tattooed, often knees can swell up and be extremely sore after being inked, which makes bending, walking, sitting down, or pretty much any physical movement very difficult the days following your new tattoo! I have both of my knees tattooed (with mandala flowers) - they were worth the pain!

Also now known as the peo-knee (peony, knee, get it?!), here are 11 outstanding peony knee tattoos.