12 Beautiful Collarbone Tattoos

12 Beautiful Collarbone Tattoos

These beautiful collarbone tattoos will prove that there's no limit for tattoo placement, its style, design or level of details.
Amongst tattoo lovers one of the most popular placements is the collarbone. Tattoo inked on or around the collarbone area get more attention and might hurt a bit more than in other places that are less painful. This is because the bones are close to the surface of the skin. However it is not a reason for people to avoid having an awesome design on their collarbone.
Sayings or words are the most popular collarbone tattoos and they can be incredibly beautiful. For example, singer Rihanna has tattooed "never a failure, always a lesson"on her collarbone in reverse so she can read it in the mirror.
“Never a Failure, Always a Lesson" , Rihanna's collarbone tattoo, Instagram / Dope Dealer
Rihanna's small and simple cross tattoo on her left collarbone, photo by photographer Craig McDean, nytimes.com
Above or below the collarbone, these tattoos look amazing at the same time expressing different unique meanings. From symbols of birds and feathers, to flowers and butterflies.
Stay Strong, Feather collarbone tattoo, Pinterest / by M.Y., Hative
On males or females, whatever the reason is, collarbone tattoos looks amazing!
Hative / Pinterest
Hakuna Matata tattoo, best friends matching tattoos, Pinterest / Tattoo Ideas / Buzz Inspiration
Birds Collarbone tattoos, Pinterest / Tattoo Ideas / Danielle Marshall
Beautiful colorful roses tattoo, Source: i.imgur.com
Watercolor style blue moon collarbone tattoo by Banul, Instagram / Little Tattoos
Dotwork roses collarbone tattoo, Instagram / posted by h8kaz
"I am myself. That is not enough" Sylvia Plath, tattoo by Karinca Tattoo, Instagram / posted by bahadircemb
Beautiful collarbone tattoo, Source: cuded.com
Just live tattoo, lettering collarbone tattoo, Source: barneyfrank.net
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