12 Beautiful Traditional Geisha Tattoos

12 Beautiful Traditional Geisha Tattoos

Geisha tattoos are a Japanese classic but these traditional geisha tattoos give them an old school twist!
Geisha tattoos are almost always tattooed in a traditional Japanese style, they're a staple image of Asian tattooing and are one of the best choices for a gorgeous Japanese tattoo. We've brought you some beautiful Japanese style geisha tattoos before and now we're bringing you a different take on them. Yep, old school geisha's are here!
Traditional geisha tattoos are based upon and inspired by classic Japanese geisha's but they are tattooed with traditional style and old school flair. Bold and colorful these traditional geisha's have strong Asian influences but western tattooings look. Definitely an awesome alternative to the classic Japanese geisha tattoo these traditional tattoos give geisha designs new depth. Enjoy!!
Awesome Cover/Fix Up by Tony Nilsson
Traditional Geisha Tattoo by Fergus Simms
unknown artist
Awesome Tattoo by Marina Inoue
Colorful Tattoo by Melissa Daye
Old School Style by Rich Hardy
Traditional Geisha Tattoo by Rion
artist unknown
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