12 Dark Mickey Mouse Tattoos

12 Dark Mickey Mouse Tattoos

Mickey Mouse is the mascot of Disney and happiest cartoon character of them all, these dark Mickey Mouse tattoos are a little more sinister!
Since 1928 Mickey Mouse has been the fun loving face of Walt Disney Studios, arguably their most popular and biggest success. Mickey is a happy-go-lucky mouse that brings joy to millions. He even inspires some colorful and fun tattoos, though he is also the subject of some darker more sinister ink...
These dark Mickey Mouse tattoos take inspiration from the face of Disney and put it into some slightly twisted and creepy tattoos. Yet regardless of there darkness and sinister nature these Mickey Mouse tattoos are a creative and striking tattoo subject that is perfect for anyone who doesn't like Mickey or Disney and wants to show it! Enjoy these dark Mickey Mouse tattoos and get ready to see the happy little mouse in a new light!
Mickey Mouse Gun Tattoo by Mark Lee
Mickey Mouse Jason Tattoo by Drew Beavers
Mickey Mouse Serpent Tattoo by Robert Borbas
Mickey Mouse Skeleton Tattoo by Encipen
Mickey Mouse Skull Tattoo by Marti Remo
Intense Mickey Mouse Tattoo by Benjamin Laukis
Trash Polka Mickey Mouse Tattoo by Buena Vista Tattoo Club
Graphic Mickey Mouse Tattoo by Chris Suicide
Mickey Mouse Tattoo by Mirko Werland
Mickey Mouse Tattoo by Tem Sosa
Sucicidal Mickey Mouse Tattoo by David Simpson
Zombie Mickey Mouse Tattoo by Dirty Roses
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