12 Distinguished Snow Leopard Tattoos

12 Distinguished Snow Leopard Tattoos

A hidden gem of the snowy mountains snow leopards inspire some gorgeous snow leopard tattoos!
Native to the mountains of central and south Asia the snow leopard is an endangered big cat and also one of the most striking. Not considered one of the ‘big five’ of big cats snow leopards are smaller than their larger counterparts, although its tail is longer. What sets the snow leopard apart from other leopards is not just its size but its fur. Unlike other leopards the snow leopard has whitish grey fur and unusually for big cats their eyes are often pale green or grey.
Now as we know big cats make for some cool tattoos, and while leopards are a bold choice a snow leopard tattoo is a little less common but just as beautiful. With its whitish coat and dark black spots snow leopards create some amazing tattoos and bring life to any piece of body art they are the subject of. Brilliant for those after a less popular big cat tattoo snow leopards are an inspired tattoo choice that will turn heads and impress. Take a look at these brilliant snow leopard tattoos and see why this animal is at home in a backpiece as it is in the mountains. Enjoy!!
Old School Snow Leopard Tattoo by Alex Wild
Snow Leopard Tattoo by Beautattoo
Awesome Snow Leopard by Bright Side Tattoo
Snow Leopard Tattoo by Charlie Coppolo
Brilliant Snow Leopard Tattoo by Daniel Timmer
Fierce Snow Leopard Tattoo by Dave Lue
Snow Leopard Tattoo by Francesco Garbuggino
Snow Leopard Tattoo by John Mendoza
Snow Leopard Hand Tattoo by Peter Lagergren
Snow Leopard Tattoo by Saraloni Troupe
Bold Snow Leopard Tattoo by Steve Black
Snow Leopard Woman Tattoo by Tyler James Densley
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