12 Intricate Puppet On A String Tattoos

Intricate and perhaps a little creepy these puppet on a string tattoos have a charming design with many details!
A puppet on a string or Marionette is a puppet that is suspended and controlled by a number of strings which are used and manipulated by a puppeteer. The classic image of a puppet is arguably that of a puppet on a string with a hand above controlling the strings and making the puppet move or perform certain actions. To some the image of a puppet on a string has deeper meanings, they look at their own lives in such terms, i.e. they are the puppet and a higher being is the one controlling them and pulling their strings!
The idea of being controlled in the way a puppet on a string is, is somewhat of a dark outlook but nonetheless an interesting one. These puppet on a string tattoos however are are a little less sinister and more charismatic. A great idea for a tattoo these puppet on a string tattoos will give you plenty of inspiration. Enjoy!!
Blackwork Puppet Tattoo by Sascha Friederich
Cat Puppet Tattoo by Silje Roe Hagland
Puppet Heart Tattoo by Monkey Bob
Puppet On A String Tattoo by André Zechmann
Beautiful Puppet Tattoo by Carlos Torres
Puppet Heart Tattoo by Velle Worthy
Traditional Puppet On A String by Lindsay Williams Tattoo
Dark Puppet Tattoo by AD. Pancho
Puppet On A String by Nick Sarich
Puppeteer Night Sky Tattoo by Coralynn Rowell
Skeleton Puppet Tattoo by Rae Razael
Watercolor Puppet Tattoo by Joanne Baker