12 Kickass Knee Tattoos

12 Kickass Knee Tattoos

Knee tattoos look so damn good, collectors really wouldn't mind going through so much pain to get them done.
Here are 12 knee tattoos that really look kick ass:
Awesome Geometric Knee Tattoos
Beautiful Illustrative Wolf on Knee
Awesome Knee Tattoos by Aaron Ashworth
Really cool Cowboy and Indian knee bangers
Traditional Bear with that really cool head gear!
Awesome rose tattoo: photo from cockasnooktattoo
Traditional wolf x dagger knee tattoo
Rad Viking skull with helmet knee tattoo
Tattoo by Katie Mcgowan
Insane looking demon knee tattoo!
Cool, classic looking panther on knee tattoo
Awesome concept and execution on this one.
There you have it guys, kickass knee tattoos! These knee tattoos may hurt real bad, but like I said: the pain is worth it in the end.
Hope you guys had a good time looking at this blog post about knee tattoos! PEACE OUT!
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