12 Tattoo Ideas For All The Tattooed Mommy's Boys And Girls

12 Tattoo Ideas For All The Tattooed Mommy's Boys And Girls

Because a mother's love lasts as long as a tattoo, here are some ideas for your next tattoo dedicated to the first woman in your life.
by Adam Goss
We've shown you mother and daughter teams whose bonds were tightened with ink but not all moms are cool like that, though. Some people (me, for example) happen to have those species of moms who are bound to lose it whenever they see a new trace of ink on your skin. Don't even get me started about the first time they found out you've got a—gasp—tattoo. But we love them nonetheless. And we're still going to get tattoos, though.
Because my mom is the only person I've ever had who stood in my life, I'm going to be biased and say that mothers are pretty focking great. Although I don't want to to find out how hardcore it is to push out a screaming baby from your twat and live to tell the tale (no hate to C-section warriors, though!), I think that responsible mothers rock. I'm certainly not the only one who believes that mothers are God's gift (and nuisance) to mankind, judging by these amazing tattoos people got their mums!
lostxdaydreaming/Tumblr (Tattoo used as an example.)
Remember all those times you faked mom's signature for school? For kids like us, it will certainly remind us of forged signatures in elementary school. But kidding aside, getting your mom's signature tattooed on you isn't a bad idea.
by Kirsten Holliday
Nothing wrong with choosing generic designs such as the rose for a mom tattoo design but if you're going to do it anyway, choose an artist whose style you really like! And knowing Kirsten Holliday (tattoo artist above), your mom just might approve.
Artist unknown.
How do you call your mom? Depending what culture you've been brought up with, it varies. Why not get a simple script tattoo for your dear Maman, then?
by Jennifer Lawes
Go traditional with the classic mom in heart tattoo.
by Remo
Digging up picture boxes may lead you to come across some vintage pictures when your dear old mum isn't much older than yourself and
Taylor Smith
Does your mom like writing actual notes? Preserve some of the notes she wrote you and if you want to get something personal, you can choose from one of those notes and have your mum's handwriting scribbled on your skin.
by David Cote
A memorable landmark, city, or country that may have some significance to you and your mom is also a good idea to start with for your tattoo.
Take mine for example, my mom is currently residing in Toronto right now and as much as I miss her, I'm getting through away from the nest for now. I can't wait to visit her and perhaps, get a David Cote tattoo while I'm there!
Tumblr user dustylensoka has a carpenter for a dad and an artist for a mom so they settled for this design merging his folks' interest in one meaningful tattoo.
Blackwork mom tattoo by Jessica Swaffer
When in doubt, go with blackwork!
A very important reminder by Julie Bolene
Courtesy of Sorry Mom Tattoo (Yes, that's the name of the tattoo shop in Virginia.)
At least this guy knows what's up. Hey mom!
Adam Levine is us.
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