12 Thunderous Raijin Tattoos

12 Thunderous Raijin Tattoos

In Japanese mythology Raijin is the God of lightning, thunder and storms. He also looks awesome in ink with these Raijin tattoos!
Raijin is the god of lightning, thunder and storms in the Shinto Religion and traditional Japanese mythology. Created shortly after the creation of Japan, his name is derived from the words rai (thunder) and shin (god). Depicted as a demon like spirit Raijin creates thunder by beating drums!! A traditional folk belief about Raijin is that he eats the navels and abdomens of children, consequently parents will often tell their children to cover their stomachs during a thunderstorm!
In Japanese art Raijin is shown to challenge the wind god Fujin, it is from such traditional art that many Raijin tattoos take inspiration. A bold and creative tattoo Raijin tattoos are almost always tattooed in the classic Japanese style, with bold colors and vivid backgrounds. Perfect for a sleeve or backpiece Raijin tattoos are a brilliant example of Japanese tattooing done right.
Raijin In Progress Tattoo by Rodrigo Melo
Great Raijin Tattoo by Stewart Robson
Raijin Tattoo by Aubrey Trufant
Raijin Tattoo by Cory Kruger
Epic Raijin Tattoo by Ezequiel Chino Fontenla
Raijin Tattoo by Hannah Skalsky
Solid Raijin Tattoo by Hori Waku
Bold Raijin Tattoo by Horiaka
Stunning Raijin Backpiece Tattoo by Horikitsune
Cool Raijin Tattoo by Kiku
Raijin Tattoo by Matt Cox
Raijin Tattoo by Stewart Robson
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