13 Lucky Wishbone Tattoos

13 Lucky Wishbone Tattoos

Need a little luck in your life? Then these wishbone tattoos might be just what you need!
If you want to be technical, the wishbone is actually the Furcula ('little fork') a small bone found in birds and a few other animals. It is formed by the merging of the two clavicles and for birds serves a primary function of strengthening the chest to cope with the rigors of flying. In folklore however the wishbone has a long association with superstition and divination. According to some it was the Romans who first began the belief of wishbones being lucky and ever since a number of practices have emerged.
At one time balancing a wishbone on your nose while making a wish was the done thing, more recently people believed stroking the bone would bring good look and of course many people today snap the wishbone while making a wish. Of course people also get wishbone tattoos to bring them a little good fortune. So if you're after your own little bit of luck then why not get a small wishbone tattoo!
Wishbone Filler Tattoo by Spencer Harrington
Wishbone Tattoo by Aaron Madrigal
Cool Little Tattoo by Cori James
Tattoo by Emily Elinski
Traditional Wishbone Tattoo by Jason Verdone
artist unknown
Skeletal Tattoo by Jordy-O
Broken Wishbone Tattoo by Laura Murphy
Tattoo by Chapel Tattoo
Tattoo by Tattoo Boogaloo
Cool Tattoo by Teague Mullen
Tattoo by Terry Grow
Dotwork Wishbone Tattoo by Tomtom Tattoos