14 Action Packed Indiana Jones Tattoos!

14 Action Packed Indiana Jones Tattoos!

He's the whip wielding, action seeking archaeologist we all want to be and now he's here in ink with these Indiana Jones tattoos!
Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr., or rather Indy, is the action seeking archaeologist and central character from the Indiana Jones movies. The creation of George Lucas, and a homage to the action heroes of 1930s cinema, Indy is an iconic movie character and favorite of many. Equipped with his trusty bullwhip and fedora Indy can take on almost any task, and does so with his deep knowledge of ancient history and sense of humor...so long as his fear of snakes doesn't get in the way!!
Most famously played by Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones is a character we all know and love and these Indiana Jones tattoos are an action packed tribute to perhaps the coolest archaeologist of all time! Take a look and be ready to watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark as soon as your finished!!
Indiana Jones Inspired Tattoo, artist unknown
Fun Indiana Jones Lego Tattoo by Jeremy Brown
Black and Grey Portrait by Aaron Carey
Indiana Jones Tattoo by Alex Rattray
Cool Tattoo by Mark Meyer
New School Indiana Jones Tattoo by Craig Wilson
Awesome Portrait by David Corden
Lego Indiana Jones Tattoo by Levi Barnett
Graphic Work by Matt Curzon
Brilliant Indiana Jones Tattoo by Mike Carro
Indiana Jones Tribute Tattoo by Matthew Houston
unknown artist
Great Tattoo by Sarah Miller
unknown artist