14 Sexy Tattooed Korean Male Idols

14 Sexy Tattooed Korean Male Idols

Well not only tattooed women can look hot, but also men with ink-covered skin! Here are some pictures of Korean Male Idols to prove it.
Tattoos have been a big part of Asian culture for many years. Technically there are no laws against having a tattoo or getting one in South Korea, however the law states that it can only be justified by a licensed doctor. While tattooing is not a part of legitimate culture, nowadays more and more Koreans are outwardly showing off their ink and embracing this mainstream trend.
1. Jay Park
Tattooed Jay Park, Korean-American singer and dancer, source: imgarcade.com
2. Teen Top - C.A.P.
Tattooed C.A.P., South Korean boy band member, source: tumblr.com
3. Big Bang - Taeyang
Tattooed Taeyang, South Korean singer-songwriter, source: Pinterest / Jillian Chastain
4. B.A.P - Yong Guk  
Tattooed Yong Guk, South Korean songwriter and composer, source: weheartit.com
5. WINNER - Tae Hyun
Tattooed Tae Hyun, South Korean/Japanese idol group member, source: Tumblr / taehyun-galaxy
6. M.I.B - 5Zic
Tattooed Kim Han Gil, South Korean rapper and beatboxer, source: Tumblr / realkpoptattoos
7. F.T. Island - Hongki 
Tattooed Lee Hong-gi, South Korean idol singer, source: Pinterest / jinglee30
8. B2ST - Junhyung 
Tattooed Poppin' Dragon or Joker, South Korean singer-songwriter and rapper, source: twicsy.com
9. Kris 
Tattooed Kris, Canadian-Chinese actor and singer-songwriter, source: znpkouy.dramastyle.com
10. F.T. Island - Seunghyun
Tattooed Song Seung-hyun, South Korean musician and actor, source: ibtimes.co.in
11. Block B - Zico 
Tattooed Zico, South Korean rapper, source: soompi.com
12. Block B - Taeil  
Tattooed Taeil, South Korean boy group member, source: Tumblr
13. JYJ - Jaejoong
Tattooed Jaejoong, South Korean singer and songwriter, source: aminoapps.com
14. Big Bang - G-Dragon 
Tattooed Kwon Ji-yong, South Korean rapper and singer-songwriter, source: listal.com
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