15 Bejeweled Bug Tattoos

No need to get nervous around these bejeweled bugs. These creatures make charming, fun and even elegant bug tattoos.
This bejeweled scarab beetle has his eye on you by Kid Kros
King and queen crowned bees by Gregorio Marangoni
Jeweled bug tattoo by Lianne Moule
Under boob bejeweled scarab beetle by Max Rathbone
Bejeweled moth by Yliana Paolini
Crowned bee by Anil Gupta at Inkline Studio in Manhattan, NY
Bejeweled scarab beetle by Daryl Watson
Fun one! Black and grey with flowers and beads by Tami at Tattoo Zoo, Victoria BC
Bejeweled moth and flowers by Sam Smith Tattoo
Art deco bejeweled moth by Austin J Evans
Bejeweled moth by Chris Veness
Bejeweled fly by Daryl Watson Tattoo
Bejeweled beetle with flower by Pip Faeros
Bejeweled bee by Teniele Sadd
Bejeweled beetle by Doug Fawkes