15 Charming Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos are a classic, but if done right, they can be amazing!
Inspiration for fairy tattoos can come from fantasy illustration as well as from cartoons. These creatures of Nature have various types of wings and appearance. They can have butterfly or dragonfly wings. Their outfits are often made with vegetals or they can just be naked. Some fairy tattoos are sexy, others just poetic and related to childhood's dreams... If you have a weakness for fairy tattoos, here a selection full of inspiration and magic...
Cute foot tattoo by Rember Orellana.
Lovely piece by Oleg Turyanskiy.
Delicate small tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin.
Colorful cutie by Krystel Ivannie.
Minimalistic tattoo by Joey Pang.
Lovely piece by Jillian Wefald.
Please credit.
Traditional one by Fabio Scala.
Sweet one by Dick Jason Meijer.
Hand-poked tattoo by Colin Dale.
Graphic piece by Anna Rimoli.
By András Gombos.
Charming fairy by Alayna Magnan.
By Agustina Fontenla.
By Adam Kremer.