15 Compelling Bull Tattoos

Looking for an animal tattoo to show your strength, power and vitality? Then look no further than these awesome bull tattoos!
Bulls have long been an animal symbol of great importance. For centuries they have had a place in dozens of cultures and belief systems. In fact, the human significance of bulls dates back thousands of years and even before recorded history, there are cave paintings of bulls that are estimated to be up to 17,000 years old!! An image and symbol of immense strength and vitality bulls were held by the ancient Greeks to represent the unleashing of uncontrolled violence and played a major part in Greek mythology. For the ancient Egyptians bulls were a creative force, they were also a necessity in agriculture.
The bull is also associated with astrology and the zodiac, with the second zodiac sign Taurus being represented as a bull. A strong image bulls make for some awesome tattoos and bull tattoos certainly look good. If a bull tattoo is good enough for the Rock then it is good enough for you!! Take a look at these bull tattoos and get ready to feel the power of this immense animal!
Bull Tattoo by Alex Tabuns
Bold Hand Tattoo by Cody Eich
Fierce Tattoo by Dan Molloy
Tattoo by Holly Ellis
Gruesome Bull Tattoo by Industry Tattoo
Tattoo by J Swan
Colorful Bull Tattoo by Joe Frost
Strong Bull Tattoo by Kris Ciezlik
Tattoo by Marco Mantovani
Awesome Tattoo by Mateus Petrillo
Dotwork Bull Tattoo by Michele Zingales
Tattoo by Pablo Diaz-Granados
Tattoo by Seth Wood
Tattoo by Stevie Edge
Bull Train Tattoo by Gianni Orlandini