15 Exceptional Neo-Traditional Tattoos By Marco Schmidgunst

15 Exceptional Neo-Traditional Tattoos By Marco Schmidgunst

Marco Schmidgunst is a tattoo artist who creates some of the finest neo-traditional tattoos we've seen. Enjoy!
Neo-traditional tattoos are a dynamic and exciting tattoo style that is one of the most popular tattoo styles of today. Bold and colorful, neo-traditional tattoos take the best of traditional tattooing and the best of contemporary tattooing and brings them together in some dynamic body art. Tattoo artist Marco Schmidgunst creates such dynamic neo-traditional tattoos!
With bold colors and an intense look the neo-traditional tattoos of Schmidgunst are certainly worth your time. Take a look at his 15 tattoos and enjoy neo-traditional tattooing at its best and most brilliant!!
Badger Tattoo
Crowned Skull Tattoo by Marco Schmidgunst
Dinosaur Tattoo
Fighter Tattoo
Geisha Hand Tattoo
Solid Hand Tattoos
Lighthouse Tattoo
Maritime Male Tattoo by Marco Schmidgunst
Nautical Woman Tattoo
Razor Tattoo by Marco Schmidgunst
Sailor Tattoo
Ship In Bottle Tattoo
Awesome Tattoo
Tiger Tattoo
Wolf Cowl Tattoo
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