15 Free V For Vendetta Tattoos

15 Free V For Vendetta Tattoos

V for Vendetta tattoos are paying a tribute to the movie and graphic novel, but they are more meaningful than you'd have thought...
Comics readers and fans of movies indeed know the great story that is V for Vendetta. Mixing science-fiction, revolution, and love, it has made an impression with its visual references. The main symbol of the comic and movie is, of course, the mask of "V", a reference to Guy Fawkes, an historical British figure involved in the Gunpowder Plot. The movie has made this mask a symbol of resistance and fight against establishment, being adopted by the Anonymous. V for Vendetta tattoos are quite popular, focusing on the Guy Hawkes mask with creative twists. If you have the soul of a revolutionary, show your faith with V for Vendetta tattoos...
By Alex Rodriguez.
By Ben Carlisle.
Trash polka style by David Mushaney.
By Erich Rabel.
By Gavin Clarke.
By Henri Middlemass.
By Jak Connolly.
By James Donovan.
By Kasper Husballe.
By Lippo.
By Ronstoppable.
By Sandry.
By Slabzzz.
By Uncl Paul.
By Yomico Moreno.
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