15 Lively Gremlin Tattoos!

15 Lively Gremlin Tattoos!

These gremlin tattoos will have you feeling those comedy horror vibes in no time!!
In 1984 comedy horror film Gremlins entered the world and brought with it some of the cutest yet incredibly evil creatures ever to grace a cinema screen. Gremlins is a film about a young boy who receives a peculiar creature called a 'mogwai' as a pet, which in turn spawns more creatures who turn into small yet destructive creatures/monsters. Set against a festive backdrop this comedy horror is a film classic and these gremlin tattoos aren't bad either!!
Yep, these weird little creatures look just as good in ink as they do on the big screen, so enjoy some gremlin tattoos and feel the mogwai love!
Gizmo Tattoo by Alex Wright
Gremlin Tattoo by Authentic Art Tattoo
Old School Gremlin Tattoo by Dario Rivera
Gremlin Tattoo by Dean Coughlin
Cool Piece by Enrik Gispert
Charming Gizmo Tattoo by Cedric X Weber
Brilliant Gremlin Tattoo by Kegan Hawkins
Creative Tattoo by Heather Maranda
Incredible Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado
Gremlin Tattoo by Travis Broyles
Great Tattoo by Tyler Nealeigh
Greta Gremlin Tattoo by Mike Maddox
Cool Tattoo by Danny Gunns
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