15 Mysterious Keyhole Tattoos

15 Mysterious Keyhole Tattoos

Keyhole tattoos give you a glimpse of your soul... So what's hiding inside of you?
Usually, keyhole tattoos are opening on magical worlds, with references to fantasy literature, especially the cult Alice in Wonderland. But everyone has got a secret place inside. And sometimes, we allow others to take a look... Everything can hide on the other side: landscapes, sexy pin-up girls or tribute to our hobbies. But, beware, peeping tom! Sometimes, you are the one that is being watched... From minimalistic to fantastic, get some inspiration for poetic keyhole tattoos...
By Valentina Gastoldi.
Stephen King's Dark Tower tribute by Timscraft.
Fantasy piece by Rock Tattoo.
Incredible tattoo by Resat Gul!
Peeping Tom by Noah Morris.
Poetic tattoo by Martyna Popiel.
Cool thumb tattoos by Lauren Stephens.
Please credit.
By Jenny Boulger.
By Ien Levin.
By Ellen Westholm .
Lace by Dodie .
Great matching tattoos by Bang-Bang.
Alice in Wonderland tattoo by Andy Walker.
By Andrew Ferguson.
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