15 Purrr-Fect Lucky Cat Tattoos

15 Purrr-Fect Lucky Cat Tattoos

The legendary Maneki Neko, aka Lucky Cat tattoo has become widely popular in a variety of significant colors.
Traditional Lucky Cat with blossoms by Kim Saigh
Commonly, the Maneki Neko is represented holding a koban (gold coin from the Edo Period), which has an oval shape. The writing on the coins and markings of the Lucky Cat are generally phrases of hope for good. The gesture of Maneki Neko appears to be an invitation or wave.
Ornate half sleeve, Lucky Cat with blossoms and lotus found on Pinterest
Traditional design by Olly Streeter, London
Chris Stuart
Paw positions and color/colors of your Lucky Cat will have much significance in your choice of design:
Left paw raised attracts a good clientele. Right paw raised attracts fortune and luck. Both paws raised or even with four legs up (which is quite rare) also symbolizes fortune and luck, but at the same time, attracting relationships.
Meanings of colors for your Lucky Cat: White means purification; Black means protection; Rose means love; Gold for money; Green for luck in studies; Red attracts good health; Tricolor is very lucky.
Cute Maneki Neko made by Rachel Baldwin
Traditional Lucky Cat adorned with Sugar Skulls and Sakura by Valerie Vargas
Teal green Lucky Cat with chopsticks, sushi and blossoms by Nemesis Tattoo
Good Fortune with heart and lucky 13 pendant by Sweet Laraine, sweetlaraine.com
Traditional Black & Grey back piece by Mister Cartoon mistercartoon.com
Day of the Dead Lucky Cat found on Pinterest
Winking Lucky Cat with Cherry Blossoms by Megan Massacre
Black for protection and two paws up for luck and love by Takeshi, takeshi@artistic-tattoo.net JAPAN
Unconventional purple Lucky Cat by Mike Pace, High Caliber Custom Tattoo
2 Lucky Cats; Tri-color and Grey with lots of protective symbolism by Bez, Triplesix Studios, Sunderland, England
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