15 Sacred Scarab Tattoos

15 Sacred Scarab Tattoos

One of the most popular ancient Egyptian inspired designs scarab tattoos have great beauty and symbolic meaning!
The scarab, aka the dung beetle, was an important symbol in Ancient Egypt and has become a popular tattoo design. For the Egyptians the scarab represented the sun's cycle and resurrection also. Scarabaeus Sacer was the species of scarab specifically used by the Egyptians and it was this beetle that they saw as the symbol of Khepri (the early morning form of the sun god Ra). As the beetle rolled its dung in a ball across the sand Khepri rolled the sun across the sky!
Often depicted with a solar orb and ornate wings scarabs were held in high regards and there decorative appearance reflects this, as such they make some kickass tattoos! Scarab tattoos frequently adopt Egyptian themes and imagery and make for some classy tattoos. A great choice for a bold neo-traditional tattoo scarab tattoos are the mightiest of all beetle tattoos and these 15 sacred scarab tattoos will show you why!!
Scarab Hand Tattoo by Dario Rivera
Killer Placement On This Scarab Tattoo by Andrea Lanzi
Scarab Tattoo by Andrew Ottenhof
Illustrative Scarab Tattoo by Caitlin Thomas
Bold Scarab Tattoo by Emmanuel Mendoza
Scarab Tattoo by Eric Martinez
Scarab Tattoo by Harry Robbins
Scarab Tattoo by Kid Kros
Awesome Scarab Tattoo by Matt Curzon
Epic Scarab Tattoo by Miles Kane
Dotwork Scarab Tattoo by Positive Tattoo
Throat Scarab Tattoo by Robby Adams
Cool Scarab Tattoo by Sam Clark
Creative Scarab Tattoo by Samantha Llanos-Castrovinci
Scarab Tattoo by Sebastian Domaschke