15 Striking Japanese Chest Tattoos

15 Striking Japanese Chest Tattoos

Japanese tattoos never disappoint and these Japanese chest tattoos are some of the most striking we've seen!
Bold, colorful and striking, Japanese tattoos are some of tattooings most popular themes and one of its most appreciated styles. A well composed Japanese tattoo is very hard to beat and is a tattoo any ink fan can enjoy. Some of the finest Japanese tattoos are the bold bodysuits and sleeves, but Japanese chestpieces also look awesome!
Japanese chest tattoos are often part of a larger design and are attached with full tattooed sleeves. A standout look Japanese chest tattoos rock and these 15 examples will give you great inspiration for your own!!
Dragon Tattoo by Tattoo HM
Flower Tattoo by Tattoo Studio Shangri-La
Awesome Japanese Chest Tattoo by Miyazo
Japanese Chest Tattoo by Shige
Incredible Tattoo by Yellow Blaze Tattoo
unknown artist
Japanese Demon Tattoo by Peter Lagergren
Japanese Dragon Tattoo by Van Tattoo Studio
Stunning Japanese Chest Tattoo by A.D Pancho
Japanese Demon Tattoo by Van Tattoo Studio
Bold Japanese Chest Tattoo by Horiyasu Tattoo
Great Tattoo by NY Adorned
Dark Japanese Tattoo by Ryus Design Tattoo
Beautiful Tattoo by Three Kings Tattoo
Japanese Tiger Dragon Tattoo by Colin Jones
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