16 Cult Leon The Professional Tattoos

16 Cult Leon The Professional Tattoos

Movie buffs will adore these Leon The Professional tattoos inspired by the movie with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman.
Cool portrait of Jean Reno as Leon done by Bili Vegas.
Leon is a classic of cinema. This French movie, directed by Luc Besson (the 5th element) is the bittersweet story of an encounter, the one of Leon, a professional killer, and Mathilda, a young troubled girl. The performance of the young Natalie Portman has made her the star she is today. But fans are getting Leon The Professional tattoos to celebrate the emotion of the story, the fragility of Matilda and the great heart of the badass Leon. Designs are also focusing on their cool style, especially the grungy outfit of the young heroine. Haven't watched the movie yet? These awesome and sweet tattoos could make you change your mind... And if you loved it, you will enjoy these Leon The Professional tattoos...
Cool Leon The Professional tattoo piece by Ivan Bor.
Great details by Dmitriy Samohin.
Lovely Leon The Professional tattoo by Haemin.
Cool blackwork by Johnny Gloom.
Leon The Professional tattoo by Junzy.
Please credit.
Sketch style by Maria Fernandez.
Nice composition by Marie Kraus.
By Miguel Ameliach.
Awesome piece by Monkey Bob.
Gorgeous Leon The Professional tattoo by Neil Dransfield!
Miniature by Onur Kolay.
Beautiful Mathilda by Philip Yarnell.
By Sion.
By Sol.
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