16 Divine Trident Tattoos

16 Divine Trident Tattoos

This triple spear is the symbols of many gods... Which god is linked to your trident tattoos?
Trident was used for fishing, especially when whale hunting. A very ancient symbol, it was soon associated with many mythological deities. Of course, the most famous god with a trident is Greek god Poseidon (Neptune in Roman mythology). The badass lord of the oceans is unleashing storms with his weapon, threating humans that dare to venture on his liquid kingdom. Trident tattoos are often used to symbolize the Greek god, showing his arm springing up from the waves. But not all trident tattoos has to do with Ancient Greece. Indeed, they can be also related to Lord Shiva, the hindu god, whose trident is full of spiritual symbols. Hinduists enjoy tattooing his trident to carry his values with them. Many other mythological characters are proudly brandishing their tridents... So who is the god hiding under your trident tattoos?
Cool detail on the hand by Brett J. Barr.
By Brian McNair.
Nautical hand piece by J Eden Storms.
Badass Poseidon by Jamie Lee Parker...
By Matthew Amey.
Gorgeous tattoo by Mike Amanita.
Traditional tattoo by Miki.
Watercolor piece by Nancy Abraham.
Nice filler by Nikos Tsakiris.
Great Shiva tattoo by Parmeet Singh.
Epic tattoo by Phil Garcia...
By Pranay Shah.
By Rebel Muse.
By Shen.
Please credit.
Made at YCTC.
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