16 Easy-Going Pig Tattoos

16 Easy-Going Pig Tattoos

Pig tattoos are great to express your laid-back philosophy and love for your pets and animals (or for bacon!).
Elegant Miss Piggy by Amy Jean.
Pigs have not the best reputation. Dirty, smelly, eating and laying in mud... But they have also become friendly pets in the last years, even trending, especially with the help of George Clooney... Pig tattoos can express your friendship for these endearing animals. They can also express your vision of life. Take it easy, relax and be what you are... Even if people think you are trashy! Pig tattoos are for the little pig inside of us, full of humor, joy and who doesn't give a f*** of what others think... And if you are not an animal lover or a proud pig, you can still get pig tattoos for the love of bacon...
Realistic detail by Cecil Porter.
Cute one by Charlotte Timmons...
Please credit.
Funny guy by Erick Holguin!
Piglet love by Esperanza Norberg.
Flying pig by Hanmaude.
Adorable piece by Harley Fleming.
Dapper pig by Katarzyna Krutak.
Lovely baby pig by Katie Shocrylas.
Charming one by Lukas Zglenicki.
Fancy piece by Natalie Petal Gardiner.
Sweet black and grey tattoo by Nia Panic.
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Charlotte's web inspiration by Sherlane White.
Awesome tattoo by Toaster!
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