16 Enchanting Violin Tattoos

16 Enchanting Violin Tattoos

Music lovers will be enchanted by these harmonious violin tattoos...
For centuries, violin is one of the most noble music instrument. Some of them are even very rare and precious, such as the famous Stradivarius. Violin tattoos are inspired by arts and often very creative. They are a way for musicians to express the bound between them and their favorite instrument. Almost magic, the violin is sometimes associated with legends, and thought to be the instrument of both the Devil and the angels... How are your violin tattoos? Angelic or devilish?
By Valentina Riabova.
By U Gene.
Conceptual piece by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski.
By Steve Butcher.
By Roman Mateutsa.
Sweet piece by Nikulina.
By Nancy Fancy.
By Moses Veliz.
By Matteo Pasqualin.
By Jason Hager.
Cool hand tattoo by J. Madberg.
Elegant piece by Flarik Akhmetov.
Minimalistic and geometric violin by Dr Woo.
Tribute to Man Ray by Denizli Dövme.
By Deduch.
By Chaz Garner.
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