16 Fierce Kali Tattoos

16 Fierce Kali Tattoos

If you are looking for badass designs and are interested in Hindu mythology, you will be amazed by these fierce Kali tattoos!
Blackwork backpiece by Alexander Grim.
Destruction, transformation... With Hindu goddess Kali, Death and Life are closely linked. Indeed, she is a symbol of time. But Kali tattoos are mostly focusing on her badass look. Sticking her tongue out, she looks insolent and aggressive. She often wears skulls, dismembered limbs and weapons on her six arms. Her skin can be black or bluish. The incarnation of nightmares... But with her fancy jewels, she can also be dangerously sexy... Kali tattoos are stating that you aren't afraid of Death and that you are refusing all kind of evil, even self-destruction. She protects, she shows the femininity of men and the badassery of women. Want something gorgeous and fierce on your body? Consider Kali tattoos!
Gorgeous piece by Anderson Luna!
Kali tattoo by Dan Arietti.
Kali tattoo By Elmo Teale.
Blackwork by Gabriele Cardosi.
New school by Jacob Zamore.
By James Tex.
Epic torso by Jondix...
Kali tattoo by Justin Harris.
Traditional by Luke Jinks.
Kali tattoo By Marius Meyer.
Sexy kali tattoo version by Matt Difa!
Colorful tattoo by Phil Hatchet-Yau.
Nice piece by Remova Zhenya.
Dotwork by Sandra GRAPH-ink.
WIP by Tattoonutjob.
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