16 Graceful Heron Tattoos

16 Graceful Heron Tattoos

Elegance and zen are the keywords of heron tattoos...
Wading birds are inspiring artists with their long legs and calm movements. Heron tattoos are often inspired by ancient watercolors or engraving, showing the grace of these gorgeous animals. Often spotted alone near water and wild nature, herons are using their delicate bodies to blend into the background and be clever hunters. Their slowness is celebrated in Asia, associated with zen. Bird lovers will enjoy these charming heron tattoos for their poetic aesthetic.
Traditional style by Chris Winsor.
Scar covering neo traditional piece by Eilo Martin.
Graphic art by Gene Coffey.
By Jesse Williams.
By Justin Johnson.
Heron/Phoenix custom piece by Kati Berinkey.
Concept and result by Kel Tait.
Blackwork by Kelly Violence.
Pixel piece by Lesha Lauz.
Cool neo traditional tattoo by Lipa Andrzej.
Great piece by MxM.
Graphic tattoo by Steph Hanlon.
By The Studio.
Gorgeous piece by Thomas Bates.
Realistic piece by Tim Ashman.
Tebori technique (traditional Japanese technique) by Tohibiki Irezumi.
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