17 Pretty Yet Personally Victimizing Mean Girls Tattoos

17 Pretty Yet Personally Victimizing Mean Girls Tattoos

So you agree, you really think these tattoos are pretty? Kidding! Check out these Mean Girls tattoos because on Wednesdays we wear ink.
The Burn Book
As much as some of you may hate to admit it, you loved this movie. It's every inch obnoxious and sassy as any classic teen movie from the early Y2K can get. Not only was the movie ridiculous, it was actually so on point. Besides, it's a gold mine of classic one-liners. “Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!” Ugh, need I say more?
by Alex Rowntree
by Shane Copeland
Yeah man, Glen Cocco totally rocks. He got four, dude.
by Nat G
by colegenovese
by Portia Greener
by Troy Slack
by Steve Sims
by Lucy Blue
by Napier Tattoo
by Napier Tattoo
Forevermore Tattoo
Man, don't you just love Halloween?
by Nat G
“Fetch” so happened after all.
JFN Tattoos
To the Burn Book!
Try not to end up like this guy, though.
Boo, you whore!
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