17 Sleek Lighter Tattoos

17 Sleek Lighter Tattoos

Want a tattoo that's a little different and all kinds of cool? Then take a look at these lighter tattoos and ignite your imagination!
When someone says lighter your mind often jumps to the image of the iconic Zippo lighter and the classic design we've seen in countless movies and TV shows. Arguably the most known style of lighter the Zippo lighter is what inspired most lighter tattoos, although a few more modern lighters exist ink to.
A unique and cool tattoo design lighter tattoos are a great choice for a filler tattoo and look good in a number of styles, traditional, linework, realistic black and grey, realistic color, name a style and the lighter design can rock it! These 17 lighter tattoos are all sleek and stylish tattoos that offer some great inspiration, but did you known the first lighters were modified flintlock pistols...yep, people lit their pipes by a customized gun!!!
Lighter Skull Tattoo by Wesley Schunk Rodrigues
Lighter Tattoo by Alexandr Kargapolov
Awesome Lighter Tattoo by Amanda Creek
Amazing Lighter Tattoo by Benjamin Hinchliffe
Lighter Tattoo by Isobel Juliet Stevenson
Badass Lighter Tattoo by Jake Pierson
Lighter Tattoo by Joe Thompson
Brilliant Lighter Tattoo by Justin Buduo
Lighter Tattoo by Kelu
Blackwork Lighter Tattoo by Mark Jansen
Linework Lighter Tattoo by Matteo Figus
Lighter Tattoo by Morgan Rose Gray
Bold Lighter Tattoo by Richard Lindström
Lighter Tattoo by Robert Ermac
Great Lighter Tattoo by Sam Ricketts
Realistic Lighter Tattoo by Sam Stokes
Old School Lighter Tattoo by Spencer Webb
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