18 Adventurous Han Solo Tattoos

18 Adventurous Han Solo Tattoos

Han Solo is the pinnacle of lovable rogues and Han Solo tattoos put the dashing charmer in ink!
A roguish smuggler Han Solo is a central character of the Star Wars franchise and fan favorite. Portrayed by Harrison Ford Solo was describe by George Lucas as the  "loner who realizes the importance of being part of a group and helping for the common good". An outlandish and somewhat dashing figure Solo develops from a sarcastic and reckless smuggler into a central figure in the fight for the universe and those in it.
Regarded as an iconic movie character Han Solo has had quite the impact and influenced a large number of other movie anti-heroes and lovable movie rogues. Of course none of them are Solo and none of them are featured in these brilliant and adventurous Han Solo tattoos! Take a look at these great Han Solo tattoos and pass the time before the Force Awakens hits the big screen!!
Han Solo Blaster Tattoo by Mikey Sarratt
New School Han Solo Tatto by Mat Lapping
Han Solo Tattoo by Alonzo Villa
Awesome Han Solo Tattoo by Bradley Dozier
Russian Doll Han Solo Tattoo by Charissa Gregson
Brilliant Han Solo Tattoo by Ian Bederman
Great Han Solo Tattoo by Jesse Rix
Solid Work by Jordan Baker
Old School Han Solo Tattoo by Ryan Simon
Incredible Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado
Han Solo Tattoo by Dave Paulo
Han Solo Pistol Tattoo by Brian Hemming
Traditional Tattoo by Samira Helmy
Lego Han Solo Tattoo by Ridge Young
Han Solo Tattoo by Set Sail Tattoo Studio
Brilliant Han Solo Tattoo by Zoe Keevil
Han Solo Tattoo by Zsolt Gömöri
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