18 Classy Chess Piece Tattoos

18 Classy Chess Piece Tattoos

Want a tattoo that's stylish, sophisticated and cool? Then look no further than these classy chess piece tattoos!
A chess piece or chessman is one of the 32 pieces used in the game of chess and deployed on the board. There are in fact 16 individual chess pieces used in the game, the King, the Queen, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights and 8 Pawns. One of the most popular board games of all time chess is seen as a game of patience and skill, so of course if you want a tattoo to show your patient nature a chess piece tattoo is a great choice!
Chess piece tattoos can be anyone of the game pieces and sometimes include the board as well. A cool and stylish tattoo chess piece tattoos make for some creative and sophisticated ink. Whether in black and grey realism or bold traditional color chess pieces just look awesome as body art! Take a look at these chess piece tattoos and decided which piece you'll have Tattoodo draw up for your own chess piece tattoo!
Chess Hand Tattoo by Nick Delivorias
Chess Piece Skull Tattoo by Louie Figueroa
Chess Piece Tattoo by Adrian Edek
unknown artist
Chess Piece Tattoo by Alfredo Nogales
Old School Chess Piece Tattoo by Chris Hold
Chess Piece Tattoo by Eric Jacobi
Awesome Couple Tattoos by Greg Neilson
Chess Piece Tattoo by Franz Stefanik
Chess Piece Tattoo by Maverick Tattooist
unknown artist
Chess Pieces Tattoo by Holli Marie
Chess Queen Tattoo by Art Force Tattoo
Chess Tattoo by Lone Wolf Tattoo
Brilliant Chess Tattoo by SalSaTattoo
Chess Tattoo by Secret Tattoo & Piercing
Dotwork Chess Tattoo by Baraka Tattoo
Horse Chess Tattoo by XK Tattoo
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