18 Eye-Catching Gorilla Head Tattoos

18 Eye-Catching Gorilla Head Tattoos

Old school gorilla head tattoos are some eye-catching tattoos and a great alternative to the usual traditional animal designs!
Traditional animal head tattoos usually come in the form of a panther or tiger, the classic big cat designs and iconic old school animal images, yet gorilla tattoos can make a great alternative. Bold, imposing and strong traditional gorilla head tattoos are an impressive choice that can add some power and ferocity to a traditional sleeve or large old school design.
A beautiful and intelligent animal gorillas inspire some amazing realistic tattoos, but these old school gorilla heads give them a run for their money and are a traditional tattoo we need to see more of...maybe you should get Tattoodo to design you your own traditional gorilla head tattoo!!
Gorilla Head Flower Tattoo by Chad Koeplinger
Gorilla Skull Tattoo by Mario Desa
Gorilla Head Tattoo by Bueno
Killer Tattoo by Chad Koeplinger
Awesome Gorilla Tattoo by El Bara
Gorilla Head Tattoo by Jason Phillips
Bold Gorilla Tattoo by Jason Walstrom
Solid Gorilla Head Tattoo by Joe Ellis
Gorilla Head Tattoo by Josh Stephens
Gorilla Neck Tattoo by Juho Sipila
Gorilla Head Tattoo by Mark Cross
Gorilla Head Tattoo by Mikey Holmes
Gorilla Head Tattoo by Mitch Love
Brilliant Gorilla Head Tattoo by Tom Flanagan
Gorilla Head Tattoo by Tony Nilsson
Gorilla Tattoo by Zach Nelligan
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