18 Hardcore Armpit Tattoos!

18 Hardcore Armpit Tattoos!

Armpit tattoos are not for the faint hearted, take a look at these armpit tattoos and decide whether you could rock one!
When you think of getting some awesome new ink, your armpit is not usually the first placement that comes to mind - but for some it is. Armpit tattoos are a bold and hardcore tattoo choice - an obscure place to put a tattoo. 
The armpit is also quite a painful location and it's certainly not for the faint hearted. So it might not be the placement you choose for your first tattoo, but armpit tattoos are often done on people working on full sleeve or full body tattoos. And when finished, armpit tattoos can look really awesome!
You won't see armpit tattoos everyday but when you do you'll certainly remember them. Take a look at the hardcore armpit tattoos and decide whether you'd ever take the bold step and ink your pits!!
Armpit Bee Tattoo by Michelle Rubano
Armpit Crab Tattoo by Stu Vosburgh
Armpit Flower Tattoo by Ian Edward
Armpit Grenade Tattoo by Jack Douglas
Armpit Lantern Tattoo by Fernando Zepeda
Black and Grey Rose Armpit Tattoo by K12 Tattoos
Blue Rose Armpit Tattoo by Vincent Simon
Dotwork Armpit Tattoo by TenaciousTattoo
Flower Armpit Tattoo by Esther De Miguel
Spider Web Armpit Tattoo by Alberto Gonzalez
Armpit Mandala Tattoo by Inga Hannarr
Armpit Mask Tattoo by Jon Ronzka
Armpit Rose Tattoo by Samantha Pickett
Armpit Tentacle Tattoo by Eric De L'Etoile
Armpit Tiger Tattoo by Alberto Perez
Traditional Flower Armpit Tattoo, unknown artist
Wolf Head Armpit Tattoo by Tyson Arndt
Yellow Rose Armpit Tattoo by Nick Bryant
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